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The Need for Self-Compassion

One of the hardest things for us to practice is self-compassion. This has been true in my own life. My loud inner critic, coupled with my mental/emotional tendency toward intrusive negative thoughts, anxiety and depression, have made self-compassion both a challenge and purpose in my life.  In my time as a teacher, father, friend, etc. I’ve found that this is true not just for myself but for many of us....
Trusting the Gold, blog.png

An Opening Invitation

For decades, a prayer has circulated in the background of my daily life. May I trust my own goodness. May I see the goodness in others. This longing emerged from a deep place of suffering I went through as a young adult. During that dark time, I felt anxious and depressed, separate from the world around me. I was continually judging myself...

IMCW All-Sangha Picnic

Help us kick off our re-opening to in-person events with an All-Sangha Picnic! Come spend some relaxed down time and lunch with sangha members from across the DMV. We’ll introduce you to our board members and teachers, but there will be no formal program.

Training the Squirrel-Chasing Mind

Sometimes training the mind in meditation is compared to training a dog to “stay.” While there’s some appeal to this image, I’m not sure that it holds up when examined closely. Yes, there is the quality of coming back to the breath that is similar to a dog coming back to its master. But does the mind really respond like a pet?