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Living in Overwhelming Times

Living within a pandemic is often a struggle, one forced on us by living out of synch with the rhythm of life. For those not working in “essential” jobs, we remember having regular appointments like tea with a friend on Wednesday, and breakfast on Sunday with a family member or a haircut every six weeks or so. With those everyday anchors gone, we are unmoored, yet stuck at home. Sometimes we don’t even know what day it is. For a species so dependent on contact for our sanity, the isolation, the absence of a social life, gives us fewer opportunities to calibrate our behavior....

The Power of Equanimity

At this momentous time in our nation’s history, “equanimity” probably does not describe what most of us are striving for right now. On the contrary, many of us are striving for justice, for healing—some of us, for survival. Is the peace and balance of meditation taking us in the wrong direction? Not in my understanding. In my experience, equanimity has great power—especially at times like these....

Journey into the Present

As far back as I remember and even now, my attention is drawn to my thinking mind. There is a kind of captivation – an obsession so complete that there seems to be nothing else. I can figure things out, plan, understand, evaluate, categorize. There is a feeling of accomplishment and even safety in the thinking mind. Then and now I am tempted to believe the utterances of this tormentor, the continual inner criticism that left no disposition, affect, or action without negative comment. The need to make all perfect...

Meditation and Mindfulness for the Military Culture

If you are a military veteran there are other veterans that practice with IMCW that can help you understand, practice, and truly benefit from this practice of meditation and mindfulness. IMCW offers a community of veterans that meet monthly to support each other and share their experience of the practice....