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Larry Yang BIPOC Support Fund Launch

IMCW is honored to announce the launch of the Larry Yang BIPOC (Black, Indigeneous and People of Color) Support Fund. This fund will be used to provide resources to BIPOC students and teachers as they seek to learn, teach, and otherwise deepen their experience in the dharma. Our sincere belief is that when barriers to full inclusion are eliminated, there is a natural shift in the balance of power that leads to a greater sense of community and collective transformation for the benefit of all.....

It takes a Sangha: Normalizing Accessibility in Our Mindfulness Communities

We are all grateful that we are able to maintain contact with one another and practice together through technology during this period of prolonged physical isolation.  One of these days though, we hope we will be together in physical practice space again. Our yearning is to share embodied presence with one another. We miss the ability to touch, to be beside, to feel the rhythms of each other’s hearts as we practice.  May this be soon. But for some of us, returning to physical practice spaces will not be simple....

Waking Up through Lived Experience: What Dis/ability and Deafness Can Teach Us

If mindfulness means to be awake, what wakes us up? Practice, certainly. What else? It may surprise you to know that living with a chronic illness or biological challenge is also very effective way to wake up and stay awake. If attention is required to take every step or if severe pain is your constant companion, being asleep or distracted from this moment is very risky.  We who are known as “dis/abled” or “hearing impaired” (whether or not we identify with these labels) live the daily experience that while the challenges with which we live can use enormous amounts of energy and concentration, they are also moment-to-moment opportunities to practice....