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Mandalas for Mental Health

Ajahn Chah said that all people without exception are mentally ill. If I take time and, instead of thinking about Carolyn and Her Problems and focus on other people, I find I am less so. I have practiced in this way 2009 within a volunteer program that was initiated by IMCW, Insight on the Inside, IOI....

A Letter from Sri Lanka: Releasing Resistance, Taking in the Good

Dear IMCW Community, I’ve been living in Sri Lanka for the last year and a half. When the number of Covid cases was only at 20, the whole country was put under curfew for over a month. Just this week some restrictions were lifted in most of the country, aside from hotspot areas where many cases are still turning up. People can now go back to work but schools are not scheduled to open...

Creating Mindful Classrooms

Twenty-one second graders at Maury Elementary School on Capitol Hill sit cross-legged on brightly colored mats. The lights are dimmed as Jennifer Jordan walks in.  “How is everyone feeling today? Can I get a thumbs up or down?” On this Monday morning in early February, most of the students are having a good day. They are happy to see Jen, their mindfulness instructor, for their weekly mindfulness lesson.   The class begins with some mindful movement: Mountain Pose, a Qi Gong exercise called Painting the Fence, Lemonade Squeeze, and Tree Pose for balance. “Put your hands out and support your neighbor,” Jen calls out. “Sometimes we need help.”