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Racial Justice: What Can I Do?

Over the years, the hateful killing of black Americans at the hands of police has been shocking, heartbreaking, and paralyzing. Why does this keep happening and what can we do to stop it...what can I do to stop it? And to stop other horrendous acts of hatred toward minority communities and individuals in our country? The heinous murder George Floyd (a horizontal lynching, actually) has galvanized much of America. Modern social media tools have shown a spotlight on this cancer of hate and have broadcast it to the entire world. This is what America has become?

Suttas: Digging for Treasure

For the last 8 years, I have been on a quest, a kind of archeological dig. The site? The suttas (discourses) of the Buddha. The treasure? To hold in my mind and heart the wisdom of a fully enlightened being and it’s power to reshape my life. “I always ask myself: What did the Buddha say?” Alicia said. “I love to go to the original sources. Reading the suttas reveals that they are alive and rooted in reality, back then...and now.” Alicia is part of a group that gathers in Silver Spring one evening a month to study the suttas....

The Five Daily Recollections

“Such a dire meditation,” I thought to myself, when joining the monastics in their daily chant.  I was visiting the Bhavana Society for a few days. There was no retreat going on at the monastery, so visitors joined the monastics in their daily morning and evening chant. One of the selections is called the “Dhammas (Dharma) to Be Reflected upon Always” or, more popularly, the Five Daily Recollections [or Remembrances]....