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Opening Our Hearts to Suffering: A Message from IMCW

We write this wishing you freedom from inner and outer harm, yet knowing the reality of deep turmoil in our country right now due to the horrors of racism and their reverberations. On behalf of the teachers and staff at IMCW, we open our heart to this suffering, re-affirm our dedication to diversity, equity and inclusivity within our own community, and to helping foster a more just, equitable and compassionate world....

Calling Into The Circle: IMCW POC Sangha

This Monday, June 1st, from 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST, our beloved Ayesha Ali will be holding space for People of Color only, for the expression of rage, grief, fear, and resilience that will support the heartbreaking losses that so many of us feel. There will be no guided meditation, and instead we will offer space to hold and honor the tears and cries and words that arise....

The Fulfillment of Remembrance

I once asked my teacher Michele McDonald what she thought the Buddha meant on his deathbed when he said to his monastics, “Strive on with diligence.” She replied that she had asked three sayadaws in Burma the same question, and they all said, “It’s the fulfillment of remembrance” – to come back to the present and to what is true. In the midst of this devastating global pandemic that has over 3 million reported cases and close to a quarter of a million deaths as I write, I reflect on all the ways I have forgotten and remembered in these last 6 weeks....