This blog contains announcements, insights and articles from the Insight Meditation Community of Washington

Every Day is Earth Day

As an annual observance, Earth Day has been, for me and perhaps for you, complicated. ​​​​​​​While I appreciate the intention to turn our collective attention to the health and even spiritual value of Earth, the allocation, one day out of three-hundred and sixty five, cries out with glaring insufficiency. In light of multiple looming ecological crises, the urgent need to reimagine and actively reprioritize humanity’s pursuits requires instead daily practice. Happily, in that imagining, we’re not starting from scratch. As we move forward in an enormously complex situation, there are wisdom traditions that support us in remembering to what and just how much we belong....
Earth from space.png

Creating a One Earth Sangha

In response to the growing threat of climate change a group of Insight practitioners in the Washington, DC area are creating a new sangha. Our mission is to create a community of teachers and practitioners to support one another in awakening and responding to environmental threats to our shared home. Beginning this summer, One Earth Sangha will gather, share and cultivate a dharmic perspective on climate change....