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IMCW's Core Curriculum Offerings

Starting in September, IMCW teachers will be offering a wide range of online courses designed to support and deepen your practice. From foundational Dharma like the Eightfold Path and the Brahma Viharas to the practical application of these teachings in daily life, there are offerings for every level....

Return to In-Person Gatherings

Like many of you, we're eager to return to our pre-COVID norms of gathering in-person -- unmasked, with greetings of hugs or hand-shakes. We're also eager to continue serving those who have been able to join us virtually over the past year and a half....

IMCW All-Sangha Picnic

Help us kick off our re-opening to in-person events with an All-Sangha Picnic! Come spend some relaxed down time and lunch with sangha members from across the DMV. We’ll introduce you to our board members and teachers, but there will be no formal program.

The Invisible Majority

The vast majority of American Buddhists are of Asian heritage, yet they are too often ignored, mispresented, and even looked down upon. Chenxing Han offers five ways we can start to heal the great divide in American Buddhism....