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Choosing Your Theme of Mindfulness - Part 3

Welcome | Meditation | Talk: Choosing Your Theme of Mindfulness - Part 3

We continue our exploration of the simile of The Cook (SN 47.8), in which the Buddha describes a cook who clues into what kinds tastes their patron enjoys, and the cook is thus rewarded.  Similarly, a practitioner, who is working with one of the themes of mindfulness, clues into how their mind responds and is thus rewarded with peace, clarity, and freedom.  The key issues in this teaching are 1) what meditation theme to offer the mind, and then 2) be clear how our minds respond to what we’ve offered.  In this Part 3 of the teaching, we review the themes of pleasure/pain and mind states, which are the second and third foundations of mindfulness.  And in particular, we explore the theme of the mind “becoming expansive,” in the midst of the difficulties that our world faces.  

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