Carl Skooglund

Carl has been practicing Buddhism since 1993. He was a member of IMCW’s first Kalyana Mitta group in 1996 and helped form the first parents’ Kalyana Mitta (now called "Spiritual Friends") groups in 2003, which he has been a member of ever since. 

A charter member of IMCW’s board, Carl designed our first logo. Carl taught the first Family Meditation class from 2000-2010.  He has participated in IMCW’s sutta study groups since 2002 and trained with Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader program from 2005-2008.  He has been a regular teacher at the Takoma Park class, but since 2018, Carl has taught “Treasure Hunt,” which explores Buddhism’s earliest teachings. Since early 2020 he has served on the IMCW Teachers Council Curriculum Committee, which helps coordinate and balance IMCW’s offerings.  

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